Did you know that you can turn your writing skills to a lifetime source of passive income? Write e-books and sell them  Online.

If you have been online for a while now, you must have come across the term e-books. This are books which are written and distributed in digital format. As opposed to traditional publishing, e-publishing is easy as it do not involve going to a publisher and paying large upfront costs. You can self publish your own e-book and sell it online. If you would like to start making money through this method, read on to get a hint of how you can start and run this business successfully.

Before you begin, you need to plan well in advance before you sit down to write anything. Here are some of the  things you need to figure on when planning your e-book.

  1. Researching on buyer needs
  2. Choosing what to write about
  3. Planning for how your work will be done
  4. Strategizing how you will sell your e-book
  5. Promote Your E-book.

1. Researching On Buyer Needs

To succeed in this business of authoring e-books, you need to be aware of the needs of your potential buyer. Your e-book should then provide a solution to those needs of that target client. Where possible give an introductory example of what pains the reader and what solution does your book has. E-books that address readers problem tend to be more helpful hence will likely to be purchased by more people.

2. Choosing what to write about

Depending on your research findings, your book should be focused to solving the problem identified during your research. E-books that give solutions to a problem in step by step format have become very popular nowadays because they tend to give the reader an expectation which at the end of reading the e-book, the reader will have something to assess his knowledge against. Such e-books have title like ‘How to…’,  ’10 Ways of…’ ’10 Reasons Why… ‘ etc.

Such title give a reader an indicator of the problem the e-book is tackling and if that problem matches the problem the reader has, then there is high likelihood of the person stopping by to give a second look at the e-book hence chances of buying the e-book.

3. Planning for how your work will be done

After deciding on what to write about, you need to decide how that work will be done. You can opt to do it alone or get someone else do it for you. The choice on how the work will be done depends on factors like how available are you for the work and your level of writing interest and skills. If you are someone who is ever busy, or with low interest or less language skills, you can opt to put together the key points about the e-book and let someone else do the writing for you. There are many smart freelance writers at fiverr who can do the job for you. The amount you will pay will depend on factors such as length of your e-book and complexity of your topic.

However, you can also set yourself timelines of doing the writing job if you have good writing skills and only outsource those tasks that needs to be handled by an expert like proof reading, translation, cover page designing e.t.c. Ensure your e-book is error free and professionally designed to meet the expectation of your target clients.


4.  Strategizing how you will sell your e-book

After a hard work of researching the topic, doing actual writing and compiling the e-book, , it is that time to put your e-book in the real market. You can sell your e-book yourself or you can sell it through a third party. To sell the e-book yourself, you need to have your own website where you can list your e-book(s) for sell. You will need to give the description of the book with good reasons why your target client need that e-book. You will then need to promote the e-book on social media and search engines. The key advantage of selling the e-book your self is that you take control in pricing, distribution and promotions. You will only incur the cost of managing your site which is not as expensive as the cost of managing the competition when you list your book alongside other 2 million plus e-books all listed for sale,  We recommend you at least get site of your own and sell your e-book through it as a digital download.

If you would like to create a site for selling your e-book, we recommend you get Bluehost hosting which cost US$ 3.95 Per month because it comes with free US$200 free ad credits that you can use to promote your e-book at Google or Microsoft’s Bing Search engine. it is low priced and with better page loading time . This is a big boost especially to those starting this business with little marketing budget. Alternatively, you can consider IPage Hosting  if you would like a much cheaper host for your website. It cost as less as US$1.99 per month to host your site with Ipage and just like in bluehost, you will get a free US$200 Advertising credits to boost your e-book promotions at Google and Microsoft’s  Bing Search engines.

Second, you can opt to sell your e-book through third party like at the Amazons Kindle section. Here, you will list your e-book with its price and wait for a customer. There are millions of other e-books listed with different prices ranging from free to few hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  While the excitement of listing your e-book at amazon is real for the first time,  you may be tempted to overprice your book with hopes of getting more money quickly but Pros don’t do that to get more money. In fact they list their e-books for free so that they can have their e-books thousands or even millions of times within a short time. it is obvious people like free stuffs especially on the internet. They then add a link of their website on the e-book. On their website, they add several other e-books or related products that generate actual income. This way, they make much more money than those who list e-books on amazon with prices higher than US$ 0.99.


5. Promoting Your E-book.

Just like any other products out their, you need to Promote your e book in order to make more sales. Promotion will make a difference between making more dollars from your e-book or not selling at all.

You can promote your e-book through Pay per click (PPC) advertising, Search engine Optimization or through the social media.

While PPC advertising is the fastest and popularly used method, it can become expensive if not done correctly. Search engine optimization is free way to get customers to your e-book but can take long to have your site on the first page of a search engine result page. Social media marketing is also ideal for promoting your e-book but it will also take time for your followers to develop trust towards your product. We strongly recommend that you combine a number of marketing channels to maximize your returns both in the short term and in the long term.

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