Want to try drop shipping for a minimal investment? Read on.  Drop-shipping is a business concept where an online shop (e-commerce shop) is created then product photos and their detailed descriptions added. The customer if interested with an item,he or she places an order on the online shop. This order information is then automatically  or manually forwarded to the supplier of the goods who in turn prepares the order and ship it directly to the customer.

A drop-shipper earns the profit which is the difference in cost between what the customer paid for the order and what the drop-shipper actually pays to the supplier. This profit margin is dictated by the drop-shippers after considering costs such as advertisement, his labor input, cost of similar items in the targets area etc.

The key advantage of drop-shipping model of doing business is that, as a drop-shipper, you do not need to own inventories warehouses or handle the products, this is handled by the supplier. This brings down the cost of starting and running this kind of business.

There are many online e-commerce softwares platforms designed specifically for creating e-shops e.g shopify bigcommerce 3dcart  and volution.  They are popular platforms but they all have one thing common, they hardly give you enough time to explore what they ahve to offer. most like shopify, bigcommerce and volusion will give you 14day of free trial while 3dcart will allow you upto 15 days free trial.

The trial duration is hardly enough to fully do product research, organize and launch your shop correctly. This is particularly true if you are starting from scratch with little or no experience. furthermore, it takes time for you to try different products before you would get your best performing product and decide to build your dropshipping shop around it.  Remember, your drop-shipping success depends on how good you have tested your key product.

If you are just trying drop-shipping business to find out if it is for you, here is exactly how you can do that with under US $10 and the amount will go towards buying a cheap .store or .shop domain which will cost anywhere between 0.99 – 3.99.  going for a .com domain is ideal but is a little costly compared to .store or .shop. you can buy domains from name cheap (cheapest domain registrar) sign up for a one month  managed wordpress VPS hosting which will cost US$6  and can be paid on month to month basis. no contract  check it out at Interserver.

We recommend the managed wordpress vps hosting from interserver  because it is optimized for speed and more resources dedicated for your online store.  ipage and blue host are great host too but there vps plans are abit expensive.

Once you have got your wordpress vps hosting account, you install a free shop theme of your choice from athemes then install a woocommerce plugin.

Once you have installed your ecommerce plugin. instal dorpshipper pla and set your payment chanels. paypal or stripe is great for a start .

go to salesource to obtain the researched selling products and if you find one.


the advantage of doing this is that, you get a complete shop running on your own domain. you will also have to freedom to run multiple stores on the same hosting which is advantageous.


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