Start creating videos and distributing them online for a pay.

Are you talented and capable of making short or long videos that could make even a hard to smile person to irresistibly burst into endless laughter and want to share your video with others? Then vlogging is what you should start.

The good thing about this is that you can ride on already built infrastructure like Youtube which is the biggest video site globally.

Here are the steps you will need to to take to start making moey with vlogging business.


Step 1: Identify the needs of your target audience

To be relevant to your viewers, you should know what is the expectation of  your audience and deliver exactly that in your video. for example, if your aim is to produce short funny clips, then your clips must be funny, Yeah, funny enough to make somebody come back for more.

Step two Ensure to check on terms and conditions of You tube

Before you even start producing your first video clip, you have to check the terms and conditions of YouTube just to familiarize yourself what their online platform accept and what they don’t accept. if you intend to use a different platform, still you will need to familiarize yourself with their terms of service most preferably before you start producing your videos.

Step three: Shoot that video clip, edit it if necessary then upload it to YouTube

The real work begin, just ensure you use a high resolution camera to ensure your videos are clear and of good quality.

Step four: Connect your video to adsense program

You will need to monetize your video so as to make money from YouTube. There are five ways available; you only need to choose one method. Check here for methods of monetizing your video in YouTube

Step Four: Promote you video to get views , likes and subscribes

Most people manageto complete the above four steps and sit back waiting for that big check from Youtube! You may wait for 10+ years to receive it. The fact is, competition is stiff everywhere and youtube is not spared either. even if you have the best video uploaded and best monetisation program approved, without promoting your videos, you may never get those views, likes and subscriptions which are determinant on how much you can earn. The bottom line is, after completing the above four steps, you need to promote your you tube channels to get real people viewing your content.

However, it is against you tube terms to promote you channels via paid method. how do you go about it?

This is the easy and most effective way of promoting your You tube Channel.

Make a blog where you will place your video thumbnails with clear description of each using catchy titles. Each thumbnail is then linked to your you tube channel. Advertise you blog on channels like Facebook , Instagram or any other place etc.

When you do this, you will see your channel views, likes and subscription increase in all your videos if they are engaging  even if you have many videos, this is because when a visitor comes to your blog, he /she will find several videos all of which are yours not your competitors. Then he will choose which video to view by clicking the respective thumbnail that lead him to your your tube video.You will need 100k+ views each each month earn descent income from your videos.  Once your channel has been popularized i.e, got more subscription and like, you will then start getting organic growth as your followers share your content. This in overall will give you great result in a short time.

Creating a video blog is not a big deal, just follow this steps:

  1. Get hosting and install WordPress

There are many hosting service providers, you can start with a low priced yet reliable hosting like Bluehost or start your hosting with just US$1 at interserver Hosting

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       2. Get the best WordPress video theme

Choose the best WordPress video themes from envanto Market (theme forest) for themes and plugins

Place thumbnails of your videos on your new blog and link then to your Youtube  channels. Also it is at this point that you will encourage your viewers to share , like or subscribe to your channels. Then promote your blog through running paid ads until you hit an excess of 100k+ views per month. Thereafter, your videos will start getting substantial organic reach through sharing and searches.