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Choose a right webhost that meets your Needs

Whether you intend to create a personal blog, an e-commerce or any online business; you will require the services of a web-hosting company to have your content online.

When it comes to choosing a web hosting company, there are so many options available and with that, It can be a daunting task to choose the best web host that perfectly meets your hosting needs. It is important to know that all web hosts are not the same even though they may all appear to be offering very similar products. Every web host is unique and each is designed to meet the needs of its target clients. For example, some web hosts are designed to be fast so as to meet the speed requirements of their clients while others are designed to offer more features to its customers at a least possible price.

Pricing too is not the same, depending on the service you sign up for, you will find different packages costing differently for example, cheapest plans are shared hosting while other packages like virtual private servers (VPS), managed hosting, dedicated  hosting and cloud hosting costing a little more.

Top 3 Best Low cost Shared Web hosts

Here below is our top list of best web hosts based on the average monthly speeds, Up time, customer support , cost and features. It is however important to mention that  these web hosts do not offer similar features, some are designed for speed and are little expensive while others are designed to provide more features at a less cost just to meet the needs of most starters who may be operating on small budgets. Therefore, check out which one best meets your hosting needs and make an

Best Low Cost Webhost That provides Most Features at a least price.



Ipage is a great web host for both beginners and seasoned site owners alike. It offers more features than most competing web hosts at the least price promo price of US$1.99 per month. These features includes: Unlimited web storage space, scalable bandwidth, unlimited domains and unlimited emails. It also offers lots of free stuffs like free domain registration for first year,  free  security layer (SSL), free web builders, free domain transfer, free 1000s of site templates, free WordPress installation and building tools, lots knowledge resources and free 24/7  support.

What makes Ipage hosting unique and to stand out of the crowd of all other web hosting companies is that  when you buy hosting from them, you do not only get the hosting as a product but you also get plenty of additional and complementary services worth over US$ 500/= for free for instance; you get daily site lock security scans for free which is worth US$150, you also get Free Google and Bing Ads credits worth US$200 which you can use to promote your site on leading search engines hence placing you a step ahead than those who purchased hosting from Ipage competitors. You also get a free analytic tools that you can use to monitor traffic into and out of your site. these additional tools are hardly found in many web hosts that compete with Ipage.


The Ipage up time is also excellent averaging at 99.97% , its customer support is very supportive and can be reached through phone, chat or ticketing system. As of may 2020, we had not found any other web host that offered so much features and extras of such worth and at that price or lower to favorably compete with Ipage.  That is the reason why we placed Ipage in the #1 in this category of best low cost web hosting service providers.  We strongly recommend you get Ipage hosting if you need more hosting features and extra bonuses at a least possible cost. It is the most Ideal package for starters.If for any reason you do not get happy with it, you can get your money back within 30 days  i.e 30 days money back guarantee.

Get Ipage hosting at US$ 1.99 Per Month


Blue host is one of the most popular web hosts around the world hosting and trusted by over 2 million site owners. Its popularity is mainly due to its speed. Sites hosted at Bluehost loads much faster, the average load time is under 380ms which is much lower compared to most other web hosts whose average load time is more than 500ms. this speed however depends on many other factors like data location, site content and network strength

Bluehost offers shared hosting,VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. shared hosting has different plans to meet the needs of different people, the cheapest plan is the starter plan that limits user to only one website, 50Gb storage, 5 parked domains and 25 subdomains costing US$3.95 you can always choose higher plans to get more storage space, emails and host more websites.

We recommend this web host because of its speed. As you may know, if your site is slow , you are likely going to have a bad user  experience due to longer wait times hence reduced traffic and revenue. Even though Bluehost is a little expensive compared to ipage, its speed makes it worth it. Just like Ipage, you will also get Free one year domain registration and free Google and Bing marketing credits amounting US$200 so you can promote your site at Google and Bing.

 Visit Bluehost and get hosting at a Discounted Price

Best High Speed Webhost with Low Prices

#1.  A2Hosting

 You need a website that has really fast loading speed, then check out for a webhost that gives more resources per user and fewer sites per server. Check out for hosting comapnies that stores your site using NVMe (non-volatile memory express) Storage technology. NVMe is the new protocal for accessing high speed storage media. Most webhosts to date stores your data in SSD (solid state disc) which are very slow compared to data in NVMe Storage. check the comparison below

While SSD storage can process data at a speed of up to around 650mb/s, NVMe storage can process same data at a speed of around 3gb/s. This automatically makes sites hosted by NVMe storage to be faster.

If this is combined with litespeed, and turbo features in hosting, the resulting hosting becomes several times faster than what the the competition has to offer.

Litespeed compared to Nginx and Apache

This is the exact product you get when you host your website at A2hosting Turbo Boost plan which has become very popular among starters and seasoned site owners . It gives your site a turbo boost that makes your site to be 20X times faster than when you host your site in usual SSD and run it on usual Apache server or Nginx servers.

Check it out for more details. The discounted hosting plans start from as low as Us$2.99 per month. We strongly recommend this if you need a very fast loading site.

Create your site with A2 Hosting

Best low cost VPS Cloud Hosting

Virtual private servers  (VPS) is better hosting option than shared hosting because, it comes with increased privacy and guaranteed resources making your site more secure and with better uptime. In such servers, you can install web panels of your own choice and at anytime increase resources to meet your evergrowing needs. For instance, in shared hosting, several sites share a server then mostly allocated unlimited resources but if you exceed certain number of resources like bandwidht or or storage space, your site will likely be throated. In VPS, your site is allocated certain amount of resources i.e bandwith and storage. If your site exceeds the allocated resources, you can easily increase the resources as per your requirement. In terms of security, a problem in one site in a shared hosting server can easily cause issues in other servers but in VPS hosting, that is mitigated as every site is virtually separate hence more secure than those in shared hosting.

In general, vps servers are better than shared hosting in terms of site security, uptime, flexibility of using custom installations and adjustment of site resources espcially during traffic spikes.

Most webhosts offer vps hosting but at an increased fees which may be out of reach to many starters who just want there site online. However, we strongly recommend vps hosting owing to its many benefits. We recommend interserver vps cloud hosting mainly due to it's superior speed, and low price of  US$ 6 per month that does not increase upon renewal.

Imagine you have a budget of less than US$10 and you need your project or business online, how will you manage to do it? This is where the interserver vps cloud package best come in. You can get your  vps cloud hosting at a price of $6 then put up your online business and start selling. The revenue from your business can then be used to pay for future months without change of price. This may not work for the case of shared hosting because for you to get benefit of their low introductory offers, you will need to commit several months or years which in turn turns out to be alot for someone starting out with a small budget.

Get the best low priced VPS Cloud hosting as from $6. Check here.


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Step two, monetize your website content. Depending on your niche, there are a number of proven ways of monetizing your website content e.g through direct selling of products or through other techniques like selling ad space and others. Just optimize the one that work for you best.

Lastly, get your target traffic to your website. From social media, from search engine, from other sites. The more traffic that converts on your site pages the more the money you will make.

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