Starting an e-commerce business is a great idea especially in this present times when many consumers have switched to online platforms for product research and purchases. Think of it this way, When did you purchase your last Smartphone or computer? Chances are, you at least did some sort of window shopping online or maybe you even ordered your item from one of the many online stores. It is common practice for most consumers to search for product details online before they would decide to buy. This creates a business opportunity for you to set an online e-commerce shop and offer the services to more and more people who are switching to online shopping. This makes e-commerce a viable business ideal.

Whether you have or you own the products to sell or not, you can start and run a small e-commerce then grow your business with time. If you do not own the products, you can do drop shipping. It is always a good idea to start small and grow with time. If you would like to start your e-commerce, Shopify is the platform you need to succeed. here below are top ten reasons why you should start your e-commerce with Shopify.

  1. Excellent Support- Shopify has a 24/7 support for its users. Its staff are knowledgeable in e-commerce and fully understand their platform inside out. They work round the clock to ensure that they answer all your queries on time. This is helpful for you as a store owner in event you have a issue that requires attention.
  2. Ability to transact on several currencies- With Shopify, You can sell your products in different currencies. This makes it easy for you to sell internationally  hence enlarging your market size.
  3. Easy to Set up and customize – One of the key advantage of using Shopify in your e-commerce business is simplicity of use. All the hard work has been done for you. Your part is to sign up, add products and start promoting your products to make sales.
  4. Automation- You do not have to worry about how to integrate various platforms e.g payment gateways with ‘buy now’ buttons, they have already been intergrated so that you can set up, promote and run your store more easily.  Shopify has its own recommended payment gateways which you can easily make use of.
  5. Built-in SSL and other security measures Security is critical in any business and all online systems are vulnerable. Shopify is built to be secure. As a benefits of launching your e-commerce on Shopify, you will benefit from their secure systems that they have developed over long time. This is particularly advantageous to both you as a store owner and to the customer.
  6. Fast Load time– Nothing causes a higher bounce rate than poor load times. Unfortunately, online stores are known to have lots of product photos and images which are heavier and likely to cause your store loading times to be slow. Shopify have optimized their servers and platform for fast load times all round the globe.
  7. Freedom to register your own domain from elsewhere or from within Shopify – With Shopify, you have a choice to register your domain from within Shopify or you can register or buy a domain from other domain registrars. this makes it easy for you to run your store on a domain of your choice.
  8. It is Mobile friendly– Many people use mobile gadgets to access , the internet. consequently, they use their mobile phones to transact. Shopify as a platform is optimized to run well on both mobiles, tablets and big screen computers this ensures that your store reaches bigger audience.
  9. Marketing tools– Shopify provides several marketing tools that makes it easy for you to follow and reach out and remind customers for example those customers that left an abandoned cart and  feature for creating discount codes. Such features make customer retention and check out rate to be higher.
  10. Cost effective- Using Shopify is cost effective the entry plan is US$29 per month. Going by the services you get e.g ease of store creation, cloud hosting, platform security, payment fraud protection and a dedicated team that is always ready and available to assist you. It would cost you more if you were to pay separately for these services from different parties. for example, Cheap cloud hosting would cost $20 per month, premium SSl for e-commerce would cost $56 per month and support services would cost even more per month. Shopify makes it easy for you to access all those services at a price of $29 per month. Of course as your store users grow and do well, there are other higher plans that you can upgrade to at anytime to get extra features. You can test the Shopify platform for free and then purchase a plan later.

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