Promoting your online Business

After you have set up your online business and monetized it properly, the next step before you earn your first dollar from it is to promote it. Promotion simply means taking your website to where your target customers are. There are many online or offline options available through which you can promote your business. You will need to test various site promotion strategies to find the most effectiveness methods that works for you. Capitalize on the strategies that brings you the highest Return on investment (ROI) and scale.

Regardless of the promotion channels you will use, they can be categorized into two meaning you can promote you site:


  1. Using free options
  2. Using paid options

1. Promoting your online Business using free options

Free options as the name suggest include all those options that allow you to promote your business without paying directly to get that site client. These channels are good because you do not spend money acquiring a client and can be indefinitely ongoing but most of them take long to deliver valuable clients.

They include the following:

  • Organic search results in search engines
  • Sharing viral content on social media
  • Writing articles on popular medias and article directories

1. Promoting your business via Organic search result on search engines.

This is the best way of getting targeted clients to your online business for free. Site visitors from search engines are highly targeted because they are actually looking for your product hence they must have used one or more of your targeted key words to reach your site.

It is free to submit your site to search engines for indexing using tools like Google webmaster tools or Bing webmaster tools. When a search engine user uses a  keyword that is related to your site, then your site shows up. The only problem with this method is that; since it is free and it provides very targeted traffic, every webmaster is competing to have his or her site at the top result page hence competition for top spot on popular and high value keywords is stiff. Due to this stiff competition, new sites are often the victims. it is generally harder for sites under one year old to rank high in search engine result page however, this is not to say that it is impossible to rank. Just follow the rules of the game and eventually you will get the result you need but it really takes time for new site to rank in 1# position for a competitive keyword. The shortcut is to use premium search engine optimization software which is powerful and proven to bring results in short time.

SEOprofiler SEO software

We recommend SEO Profilers. It is the best online tool you can use to push up your site professionally using white hat SEO search engine optimization techniques and make it  to the top of search engine results page to start getting free site visitors from search engines.

2. Promoting your site through sharing viral content on social media

We are all in social media networks or at least you have a Facebook or twitter account; if not you should be having an account on any social network of your choice. The truth is, many people use social media networks especially Facebook. this means , people are already there at Facebook, what you need to do is to take your business and put it in front of them.

It is easy, make a page that is related to your business then promote it on Facebook. Also do constantly write posts and share them to groups that have related interest and large audience. Make sure your posts are helpful that way more and more people will start following them and eventually  visit your site link. Just ensure you place a link to your site somewhere on each of your post, your followers will end up visiting your business. Ensure that you do not spam marketing posts to groups which will make you rather irrelevant and get blocked. To write viral content, check out for hot stories that are already trending and creatively redo them in your own version then re-post them, just ensure you also creatively add a link to your site in each post.

What happens is, stories which are already trending and viral are likely to continue being viral for a while. If you ride on such stories by adding valuable comments together with your site link at the bottom of such post, your site is likely to get exposure to many people for free. If such people end up landing on your site, you may be able to convert a few. Some of those who will view your site may not get interested immediately but are likely to come searching for your products sometime later hence sometimes you get too many direct search of your site from search engines.


3. Promoting your business through Writing articles in popular medias

There are many article directories that allow submission of articles from individual contributors for example the Ezine Articles, hub pages and wiki how. All you have to do is to sign up and contribute by writing  original and high quality articles and submitting your article to those directories. In every article, ensure you add your online business site at the bottom of the article. By writing such articles, you benefit in two ways; one, by receiving direct free traffic to your business and two, you  get free high quality back link to your site. This in turn gives you a SEO boost in your search engine ranking.

The only limitation of using this method is that it takes time to bring in results. Generally, you will have to write several articles  that are of high quality to constantly receive sizable traffic back to your business. Some of your competitors have hundreds or even thousand of such article that brings steady traffic.If you start now, you can also make it you will need to research a lot to get what to write  about so that you make your articles outstanding. It requires patience and hard work in fact some smart guys hire freelancers at a small fee to write the articles for them. Check out for freelancers here who can write such article for you .  

B Promoting your business using paid options

The paid options are ideal for getting site visitors to any website new or old. The main advantage of using paid means to acquire site traffic is that the results are often immediate i.e you start receiving site traffic immediately you launch your sponsored (paid)campaign. There are many places where you can run paid ads or promotions of your site to get traffic to your site. The most common ones are:

  • Search engine pay per click ads
  • Social media sponsored ads
  • Purchase redirect traffic from related sites


1. Search engine pay per click ads

Pay per click ads are very effective business promotion methods available today. The search engine allows your site to appear on top of search engine result page when a keyword you have bidden for is used by a user. you pay for every click you receive from this kind of promotion. It is best because you get highly targeted traffic i.e traffic that is searching for your products. This kind of traffic easily converts if your site provide exactly what your keyword suggest. For example if in your ad you mention something like this ‘free antivirus for download’  then your landing page should have a free antivirus for download. similarly, if your antivirus is not free, it is good idea you either indicate the price on your ad or at least suggest that your antivirus is for sell. that way you will receive visitors whoa are already aware that the antivirus is for sell.  if in your ad you mention that the antivirus is free then on your landing page you start selling the antivirus, you will likely receive so many visitors who will be hard to convert because they are looking for free antivirus. It is therefore good to put key points in your ad and provide exactly what you display in your ad to get the most out of this kind of promotion.

The main disadvantage of this method of site promotion is that your ad budget can easily skyrocket and if you are just starting with a shoe string budget, you may find it hard to keep the ads running for long enough till you generate your first dollar and first profit.


2.  Social media sponsored ads

Social media is a powerful tool for promoting your business because, people spend a lot of time on social media. unlike in paid ads on search engines that show up only when someone needs them, in social media your ad has to generate interest in a social media user. i.e, the social media user is not looking for your product or business, it is your ad that has to be appealing and hence make the social media user leave what he or she was doing and follow your ad to your landing page.

This kind of traffic  from social media has to be convinced before they get converted and most often, this does not happen immediately. in fact, re targeting (showing ads to only those who had earlier shown interest with it) has to be done severally to boost conversion.

The best thing about this kind of business promotion is that you get instant feed back from those who interact with your ads in form  of likes, follows, reactions and comments. This helps you to give answers directly to your potential clients hence increasing chances of conversions.

The disadvantage of this method is like in other paid options and that is, your advertising budget can easily run high and become unmanageable if you are on a small budget.


Purchase redirect traffic from related sites

Purchased redirect traffic is the cheapest source of traffic but the traffic is of very poor quality. Most often,this kind of traffic has high bounce rate and hard to convert because it is traffic that was not looking for your site, they only landed in your site due to issues like error in typing site address or they visited a domain that no longer exist hence redirected to your site. This does not however mean that such traffic is bad, it can be converted only that you need to ensure that you are having a highly converting product in your landing page. when redirect traffic is generated from a site that has similar products as yours , the site user may easily convert unlike when the two site have totally parallel niches.


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