Start selling your services online

Start selling your services online and make money assisting your customer’s solve their own problems. If you have a unique skills that are needed by somebody somewhere, you can make a thriving business out of it by simply connecting with clients online and providing your services at a fee. Such skills may include thing like legal services, health and wellness advises, travel adviser and so on.

All you will need to get started is a website that clearly describe the kind of services you are offering and at what cost. For example, if you are a lawyer, you can easily connect to your client online and then simply direct them to your office. so many service providers use online platform to connect with there potential clients then convert them either online or offline. whichever service you are able to offer, your clients are searching for you in Search engines.

Here below are three steps you need to implement to start selling your services online.

Step One: Create a website and add content about your services  

The very first thing to selling your services online is to create a website through which you will describe the services that you have to offer. Get a low cost shared shared hosting or VPS & Cloud hosting to run your website on.


The cost of a reliable shared hosting can vary from US$1.99 per month  e.g that from Ipage which cost US$1.99. If you would like to host several sites under one hosting account then this is the hosting package you should go get. In addition to having a low priced introductory price, when you buy Ipage hosting, you get a Free US$200 marketing credit to help you run paid ads on Google and Bing hence, its no doubt that you are likely to be ahead of your competitor who chose a different webhost. Beside the free marketing credits, you will also get a free domain when you buy Ipage hosting this further saves you about US$15 that you would otherwise spend on domain name registration. We recommend Ipage to anyone trying to get his business online at a small budget. Check  out for 75% Special offer from  Ipage Hosting Here


If you do not mind spending a little more for your website hosting, you can check out for a low cost Virtual Private Server  VPS hosting can vary from US$6.00 per month.  VPS hosting are in most cases more reliable and secure than shared hosting. In VPS hosting, you do not shared the allocated server resources hence at any given time you have  your site resourcec available to you. this ensures better site uptime and speed unlike in shared hosting where bandwithd ans hsoting space are shared with other websites, when one site for instance receives a surge in travic, your site may suffer unexpected downtimes. In VPS, every site has its own resources therefore what happens in one site do not have any effect on your site.

Get a low cost VPS server from interserver hosting at a cost of US$6.00 per month. We recommend interserver VPS becaouse of its low price, reliable uptime and excellent customer support. Unlike most webhosts that increses their price after the introductory offer is used up, Interserver VPS hosting will always renew at the same price that you enrolled with unless you used a promo code and that you can pay monthly without need to commit several years in advance. This is particularly important if you are just trying out if this online business is for you or not.Check out for an Interserver Cloud VPS Hosting Offer Here.

Step Two: Promote your website online to get your clients connecting with you.

After you have created your website added your product description and all content that you need your potential customers to have, it is time to have your website in front of that prospect client. you can share out the word about your website by simply sharing it out in social media posts and also submit it to top search engines  so that your site can show up when key words related to your services are used. This way you can keep receiving emails and phone calls from your potential clients hence growing your business.

To connect with more clients and grow faster, advertise your site to your target client for example if you offer your services to a particular city or region or country, you can do advert and target it to only that area so as to get connection to relevant target clients. You can join our members area and learn how you can apply for and advertising fund of upto US$ 50,000 that would help you grow your business.