Re-sell Digital Product Like Domains, Hosting,  SSL Certificates, Themes etc for a profit

Want to start a business but you do not have a product of your own? Re-selling existing products from reputable companies is the best option for that case.  The good thing is that you  re-sell the products under your own branding and at your own price. You get product support and infrastructure from your parent company.

Give your customers a reason to buy from you. Speed, 24/7 support, and much more.

A2 Hosting Reseller Plans has all you need to succeed

Reseller plans starting from $13 Per Month, Grow with time as your number of customers grow.

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How to Start an online  re seller business

Re-seller business is where you provide goods or services to the customer directly from a supplier or a manufacturer. In this kind of business, you act as a middleman between the customer and product producer. Key advantages of doing this is that:

  • You do not have to create your own product but simply resell existing products
  • Some products owners allows you to do complete re-branding hence making reselling easy and with your own prices
  • Easy to start and launch your business. You can launch your business same day as when your start your business since you deal with proven product hence no time spent in product development and testing.

You can choose to resell physical products or digital products. In case of online reselling of physical products, You may require a store where you could temporarily be keeping your products before reselling them to customers. You may also resell directly from the supplier without even investing in stores and inventories like in drop-shipping.

Reselling digital products is the easiest way of doing reselling business. This is because it does not require all those inventories and warehouses used to store physical products. All products are sold online digitally. Some of the digital products commonly resold included domains and Hosting services. You can create and purchase a domain for US$10 and then resell it at price of of your choice (higher than that) Learn More about mechandising domains Here.

Most web hosting companies also provide opportunities to resell their services which include domain registration and hosting services. They allow you to resell their services under your own brand meaning you will deal directly with customers with your own brand. The best re seller hosting that we recommend is A2 Hosting re seller Package. The reason why we recommend it is that its servers are designed for speed. This means your clients will also benefit from the blazing fast hosting solutions offered by A2 Hosting.


For example, You can buy a reseller account of bronze package at $13.19 then host 20 cpanel shared accounts each paying you a minimum of $1 per month. that means in that month, you will have made a profit of $6.71 . The more the customers you serve, the bigger the profit margin

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