How To Start a Shopify Store Even Without having the products.

Shopify is a great e-commerce solution for both beginners and seasoned online entrepreneurs. Once you have made up your mind that you want to run an e-commerce store, then Shopify is the platform to check out for. The goodness of it all is that you can start and run a successful e-commerce store even without owning the physical products. If you own a physical shop or wholesale, then you can simply take some nice photos of products that you sell and add them to your new Shopify store alongside their descriptions and prices then your store will be up in minutes or so.

However, if you do not have a physical shop or a wholesale, then you most likely do not have the products with you hence you cannot even take photos.In this case, you can simply drop ship the products from Aliexpress.

Aliexpress is a giant online retailer that readily processes orders and ship them worldwide. You can create a Shopify store then get items from suppliers at Aliexpress who will process the order and send the items directly to the customer Read Here on how to add products from Aliexpress. So your store will act as broker between the customer and your suppliers just like your wholesale or shop would act between your customers and supplier.

Here below are five steps for setting up your Shopify store:

Step One: Sign up and choose a plan

Signing up is the first step to creating your online store, in signing up, you can also choose a plan but Shopify allows you upto 14 days to set up and test their platform before you can decide to pay. There are three plans, Basic plan, Shopify Plan and advanced plan. It is a good idea to start from small and upgrade as your business sales volumes increase. The basic Plan will cost you US$29 per month while Shopify Plan will cost you US$79 per month.  When your sales volume have outgrown the Shopify Plan, You can then consider upgrading further to Advanced Shopify plan which cost US$299 per month. Beyond the advanced plan, you can contact them and discus possibility of getting custom features that will help you meet your specific store goals but for a start, the basic plan is enough to run your e-commerce especially if your operating sales volume is less US$1,00,000.

Step Two: Add Products to Your Store.

A store will not be complete without products. If you already own a physical store like a shop or wholesale, take a photo of the items you sell and upload them to your Shopify store. If you do not have such a shop or wholesale, then it is time to start drop shipping.  We recommend You dropship from Aliexpress. Read here on how to import products from Aliexpres to your new Shopify store .

Step Three: Add Your Payment Details.

Making and receiving payments is the core activity of any business transaction. Therefore, you need to set up and activate at least one payment gateway that you will use to receive payments from your customers. Common payment channels include Paypal and stripe. Already millions of online shoppers use Paypal to process online payments so by activating Paypal, you make it easier for your customers to complete transactions. Stripe is also preferred for processing credit cards, you can activate it if you choose to. Whichever method you activate, always consider your target audience and provide a mean they are already familiar with.

Step four: Test your product performance in the market

You may read everything on the net about winning products or best performing products for e-commerce or drop-shipping but you will never know how the product actually perform in the market until you set up your store and do real selling of the product to real customers. A product might look appealing to you but when you take it to the market, it may end up performing poorly. The secret is, always keep testing new products until you find your real winning product. A winning product should:

  • Have a big profit margin
  • Easy to sell to your target audience with minimal legal requirement and such like.
  • Easy to scale
  • Not obviously found in local stores

If you find this kind of product.

Step Five: Scale Up Your Marketing

Once you have got your winning product, it is time to scale. here, the thing is to double triple or 10X your marketing efforts. Search engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC), Pay per sell (PPS), Push ads notifications, Social Media Marketing (SMM) are just some of the most popular marketing channels used by e-commerce entrepreneurs. Regardless of your marketing channels, just double tripple or 10X your effort as long as you are getting your mark up. You can also make effort to reach out to your previous customers i.e, customer retention. It is at this point that you can easily grow your store to a multi-million e-commerce store in days because you will have understood your business and almost everything is automated making it possible to make big sales with improved marketing.

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