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Here is how to easily start and run a profitable online  E-commerce Business.

Starting an e-commerce business is not as difficult as most people may think, it is actually one of the easiest to start and run but requires proper planning and careful execution of the plan. Key areas that requires proper strategies include: Properly setting up the e-commerce business, Finding a cheap source of products so that you can make a bigger profit margin and effectively marketing the products through your online e-commerce store. This kind of business is ideal for a person or businesses with a physical business premise in an area of target market. Here below are three steps you can take to have your e-commerce online and profitable.

Step One: Build your E-commerce website.

Like all online businesses, e-Commerce business requires an online presence through which you will display your products and take orders. A reliable hosting is necessary that is always online, secure and very fast in page loading times. We recommend cloud hosted VPS or dedicated e-commerce hosting ; because, apart from being more secure than shared hosting, they can handle more clients at a time which is critical at certain times of the year when we have a surge in customer activities e.g during Black Friday, cyber Monday and other offers.this is important to enhance your profit and customer experience while on your site.

After you have created your eCommerce hosting account, it is time to choose an eCommerce software. Depending on which eCommerce software you prefer to work with, you can choose and install in one click from the following most popular eCommerce softawares i.e Woocomerce, Mangento , Open Cart and many more.

Best opensource eCommerce software


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Step Two: Get Products Cheaply and Directly from Manufactures at Wholesaler prices.

After creating you website and installing an eCommerce software. you can now choose and order the products from manufacturers through Global source or Alibaba.

If you do not have sufficient capital to import products in large scale to your country, you can consider drop shipping  Learn More about drop shipping

When you import directly from manufacturers and in large scale you benefit from low factory prices which will enable you to get a bigger margin when you at last sell the product at market prices.

Step Three Promote Your Ecommerce Shop

Like any online business, you need to advertise and promote your products online to get new customers as well as maintain your existing customers through promotion of offers and seasonal discounts. Join our members are to learn more on how to cheaply and effectively advertise. As a registered member you can also apply adverting fund of up to US$ 50,000.