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How does it work

You first list your domain as 'Make Offer' then immediately it receives the first bid, the bid becomes the domain's reserve price and the domain moves automatically to guaranteed sale Auction event for five days. In this option, your domain receives maximum visibility in domain search results within the five day period. Key advantage of this option is that you will get more bids hence sell your domain at maximum Possible Price beside being guaranteed to make a sale.

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The screenshot below is of some of the domains in auction and the auction is ending soon.

domains on sale as of 1st Oct 2020



Buy and sell High Value Domains

With so many businesses going online, there has been a spike in registration of domains creating a big demand for good quality domains. While it is relatively cheap to register your own domain (Price of registering a new domain is around $10 or even less.) It is a totally different story when it comes to buying same domain from another person or party.

Buy and Sell High Value Domains

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Domains play an important role in locating and accessing any online resource e.g Websites, online apps and other resources like videos, images etc. As much as any domain can be used to connect to any website or online resource, not every domain can bring out the real image of the business and help promote the reputation & add to success of the business. Best domains are those that:

  • Are short and easy to remember
  • Contain keywords that are popularly searched in popular search engines hence bring in the 'free organic traffic advantage'
  •  Easily brings out the correct image of the business they connect. As you know, image is everything in the world of business.

Successful businesses that have a strong online presence already understand this; that their online success begins with acquiring great domains that have the above qualities.  Unfortunately, most of those kind of domains are already taken but are available for sale as premium domains. So, businesses spend whatever amount of money even to the tune of US$1000,000 or more just to get those kind of domains because they understand the value those domains bring to their business. Most premium domains costs anything between US$99 - US$1000,000 in some cases, they cost even more.

This price difference between the cost of registering new domains and the cost of premium domains creates a perfect business opportunity to anyone whereby, you can register a domain cheaply at $10 or less then sell the same domain as a premium domain usually at a price between US$ 99 - $100,000.

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  • How to add value to your domains so as to make them stand out hence sell faster and at higher prices.
  • How to list your domains for sale in the World's largest domain market.

BONUS: You will also learn more other recommended online businesses that you can run alongside the business of buying and selling domains. For Example, you can do blogging where you write useful content online and then sell the ad space.

Market results speaks better check the screenshot below it is of  sept 2020. Domains sell like craze with a number closing sale at above US$100,000.  many more exchange hands every month.  You too can have your domain listed for sale in no time and start receiving bids. Your domain can be as young as one day old or can be as old as the internet itself.

Some of the domains on auction

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Buy and Sell High Value Domains

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