Did you know that you can start a lucrative business of buying and selling domains with as low as $10 or even less? Let us show you how to profit from selling high value domains. 

Your Domain Name may be worth a lot more than you think

Like real estate, domains (web addresses) have value that changes with time depending on market demands. A simple domain can be worth a lot more than its purchase or renewal price all within a short time of period. The price difference between purchase price and sell price can then become your income. For example a (.com) domain can be purchased at $7.99 then be sold as a premium domain at a price higher than that usually between $99 - $100K. Do you have a domain you would like to sell? Let us help you sell it at a maximum possible price. Contact us here.

What if I do not have a domain?

If you do not have a domain, follow the guide below to learn how to find and create domains that can sell faster and at a higher price (High value Domains) then list them for sale.

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If you are looking to start an online business at a minimal investment cost? You should consider creating and selling domains. Domain names are website addresses that are used to locate site pages on the internet.  Every site on the web have its own unique domain name and no two domains are same. For example the domain name of this site is https://inonlinebiz.com

The demand for good domain names is always on the rise and this results to increased value of such domains.  While registering your own domain name will cost you anywhere between US$0.99 to US$15; acquiring that domain name from someone else who had already registered it is not as cheap as that, in most cases, it will cost thousands of dollars or even millions. for example, in June 2019, the domain voice.com was sold at a whopping US$30,000,000. If this surprises you, then you haven't seen this, the domain insurance.com is worth US$47 millions while the highest ever single domain price of cars.com went for US$872 million. This is according to one and largest domain market Godaddy.  Imagine you were the owner of any one of these top priced domains, it is up to anyone's guess of what a feeling it will bring. Now stop imagining and make it happen. All you need to do is to register a domain then sell it in a domain market. As much as you won't make those millions overnight, you can at least strike a deal and make some few hundreds or thousands of dollars. Read on if this sounds like something worth trying.

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What makes a domain Name Valuable?

Not every domain is worth thousands or millions of dollars, some domains are actually worth less than their cost of registration while others are worth just thousand times there registration cost. Here below are some key factors that make a domain valuable.

  1. Domain length - Shorter domain names tend to be more memorable than longer domains hence shorter ones (mostly those under six characters) are more valuable than longer domains.
  2. Domain language - Domains with simple English names and words are more valuable that domains with non English wordings or names.
  3. Numbers of searches- Domains with words that are commonly used as keywords in search engines like in google, Bing ,yahoo and others are more valuable than those with words that are rarely used.
  4. Domain age - Domain value increases with age. The older the domain the more valuable it is. This means that a domain may be worth a few tens or hundreds or even thousands of dollars at the time of registration, this value will quickly rise with time usually as popularity of the domain increase.
  5. Domain TLD. This is domain name extension that forms the ending like .com, .net, .co, .site, .org etc. Domains with .com ending have more value than similar domain with other tlds. This is due to their long existence in the market and are generally more internationally trusted and accepted.

How to find a valuable domain

To succeed in this business, you need to find and register domains of high value. After registering such domain, you can then take them to a domain market and sell them. All this is done online.

You can set a fixed price for your domain name or you can put your domain for auction. When you sell a domain by setting a fixed price, you will likely sell your domain faster but you miss out the opportunity of earning beyond your set price. In contrast, when you choose to sell your domain by auction, you will take longer to close the deal but you will be able to weigh different offers and sell to the highest bidder who may be far beyond your quoted price. You may just be surprised to learn that you domain is worth thrice or even more your intended sell price hence you will benefits by selling your domain at a high price.

The following are the three steps you need to take to get started in this business.

Step one: Create your domain Hosting Account.

The first step is to buy a hosting where all your domains will be hosted online. We recommend a low cost web hosting provider like ipage. or interserver


A single Ipage hosting account will host unlimited number of domains at a low price of US$ 1.99 per month and they will allow you to register your first domain for free.  Unlike most web hosts that have several packages that also comes with several limitations that forces you to pay more to get the best, ipage has a single shared  hosting plan that offers you everything you would possibly get on a shared hosting plan. In addition to that, they have excellent customer support which in most cases is near instant through their chat, ticket and phone support.

Note that, for you to get ipage hosting at $ 1.99, you will need to sign up for their three year hosting contract.  i.e for a 36 months hosting contract. This is in fact one of the cheapest and most reliable package that can host your unlimited domains and that is why we recommend it. However, this package may not be a fit for everyone. If you are just trying out this kind of business and not ready for lenghty hosting contracts. You can actually take the $1.00 hosting from Intersever. At interserver, you will be able to register your first domain for just $1.99 when you buy hosting of $1.00.  The domain will renew after one full year and the hosting will renew at $5.00 monthly after the first three months. Yeah. Three months is just enough time for trying out this business. Who knows how many domains you will have sold and at how much? We recommend Interserver as the best alternative to Ipage especially for this business and if you are on a small budget or just curious. Interserver will not force you to pay large upfront hosting fees or surprise you with huge hosting renewal fees. Their price is locked at $5.00 per month.You can try their service for three months for just $1.00.

Register and Host Your Domains At Interserver.


Step Two: Find and register a high value domain.

The second step is to find a high value domain and then register it in your hosting account. To do this, you first choose a niche (any business line e.g fashion & clothing, business and money, cars, hotel & accommodation etc) then look for a simplest word that can be used as a domain and describe the line of business in shortest words possible. Remember, a shorter domain that uses simple one or two English words are more memorable and widely used in search engines hence tend  to have a higher value. unfortunately, most of them are already gone or are already in the same domain market for sell at thousands of dollars. (In this example, we use Ipage hosting but you can use interserver as well.) You will find a message like one below

registering your domain name

As you can see in above, you will receive an error message informing you that the domain is already taken if the domain is already taken.  In that case, you need not to worry. Just add something to that domain's keyword at least to make it look different. You can start by rewriting the domain in plural or in singular form, or add any prefixes or suffixes. You may also add numbers in front of the domain to make it different. The important thing to remember is to ensure that you retain your domains keyword in totality. For example, in the example above, we tried to register the domain travel.com but it was already taken, so we chose to add a suffix number "sevens" immediately after the our domain keyword which is travel so the new domain becomes travelsevens.com. Then we try to register it again.

As you can see from screenshot above, the domain is now available for registration.You can go ahead and register it. But wait, Since our intention is to sell this domain after registration, it is worth knowing the approximate value of this domain name just before we register it. This will help us register only those domains with high value. To do this,  Go to Go daddy domain appraisal tool and enter your domain. In this case, we will enter travelsevens.com and hit the go value button.

domain appraisal tool

After entering our domain then hitting the black "go value" button, here is result of the approximate value of the domain we intend to register. The domain is immediately worth US$ 1,264.  This is a good value to begin with i believe, so you can go ahead and complete the the registration process at Ipage. Remember, domain value will quickly grow as it gain popularity after registration. It will also increase in value with time (age).

Domain name value

Now that you have an estimated market value of the your domain name to be registered, it is time to go back to ipage and complete your domain registration. Once you complete the registration process, you can then take it to the domain name market and list it for sell just immediately you successfully register it. You are the one to decide the price you need to sell your new domain at and it is good to sell  at any price around or slightly above you domain value e.g US$ 1,264 in above example.

3. Step Three:List your domain in a domain market:

After the process of determining approximate market value of your domain and registering it, the last step is to list it on a domain market as a domain on sale. Where you sell your domain matters a lot on how fast you get a customer and at how much you close the deal with. Further, if you do not know how to close the deal yourself, why not quote your price and let the experts complete the deal for you?  it is the easiest way for beginners and those who want to close the deal quickly. If you trust that you can do the bargaining yourself, then you can opt for auctioning. Whichever is convenient to you.  We recommend you list your domain in the worlds leading domain marketplace SEDO  Domain Market Place

Lastly do not forget to put a page on your domain site with a label like this one below. Most buyers do actually visit the sites listed to confirm the detail on whether the domain is really on sell or not.

"This domain is on sell if you would like to buy it, please contact owner with an offer. Minimum quote price US$1,264" (Place your contact email or contact form or phone number so a potential customer can easily reach you with an offer.) if you place your email, remember spammers and robots would also contact you with spam mails and content. It is therefore advisable to put a contact form with a re-captcha.

The duration taken for you to seal the deal depends on the real market demand for your domain. It can be a day, a week , a month or may take longer than a month, it really depends. Also note that, the value of your domain will grow with time. a domain which is estimated to be $1000 at the time of registration can be worth $5000+ after one or two years. So don't be so much in hurry to sell your domain at a throw away price. It can be more valuable than you would properbly imagine.

If you would need Pro tips on how to make this business bigger and better, you need to register for our site membership. Of course, its free to create an account and access our member only resources.


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