Looking to start a business with low start up capital? Start an online business.

Starting your own business is the first step towards attaining your own financial freedom. It is everyone’s dream to own and manage several multi-million dollar businesses but most  often, people fear to take a step towards realizing such a dream.

If your goal is to start a small online business and grow over time, then you have come to the right place. In this site, you will find some of the most popular online businesses that are easy to start, run and manage. One of the Key advantages of these online businesses is that they require small startup capital to set up. They  can also be managed from any part of the world at anytime provided that you have an internet connection.

The earning potential of online businesses is big with some people doing these businesses on full time basis and earning anywhere between four to six figure dollar income. According to Forbes, it is projected that online commerce will likely overtake the 6 trillion dollar mark by 2022. This makes the present day the best for starting and strategizing on how you can take a share of this online e-commerce  transactions which h as been fueled by shift of consumer spending and increased on demand economy.

We make everything simple and straight forward so that it can be easy for you to select and start your own online business even if you have no prior skills. The steps are simple,

Step one: Select and Set Up one of the businesses below.

Read then Select by clicking any one of the online businesses listed below. Follow the set up procedure and set up your business. Most of the businesses listed here can be started with under US$100. This money mainly goes to getting your businesses online i.e web hosting and acquisition of appropriate software where applicable.

Step Two: Market your Online Business

Once your business is set and available online, market your business’ products to get customers. This is where you share you business’ web address to your friends, family, social media followers and to all major search engines. It is an important step before you would earn your first dollar from your business. The success rule is simple. Share your site to the right people and you will earn more. For example, if your site is about books and school uniforms, you will likely get more sales if you target Students and parents. Get a free access to our members only marketing tips creating a membership account here.

Step Three: Get Funding for your business and Scale Your marketing Effort

The most difficult part of any online business is to make the first dollar. Once you have got the the first dollar, you can always repeat and improve on your marketing strategy to get the second dollar and so on. In fact, most of those who have excelled in these online businesses may not tell you this: “To earn more, you will need to advertise more.” They in most cases only tell you how easy it is to start and how they earned six figure income in less than a month. The truth is, You will need to advertise your business using different ads and strategies if you will need to grow your income from zero to a thousand plus dollar revenue per day. It is therefore important to test different marketing strategies and ads at the beginning then identify the strategy that works well for you then scale.

Pay Per Click (PPC) and Social media marketing (SMM) are some of the most effective advertising strategies used by both newbies and seasoned marketers a like to promote products online while the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best free way to market any business out there but it takes long time to organically get to the first search engine results page for a given keyword.

Our members can apply for advertising fund of upto US$50,000 to scale their marketing efforts. This fund is in form of a soft loan which is to be repaid from the income of the online business that you have set up hence no guarantors or collateral securities required to apply.  If you sell on Amazon, you can qualify for even more than US$100,000 to help you grow.

All you need to do is to build your online business, do the advertising and once your business starts making positive revenues, you can apply to get Create a free account to  the advertising fund. the application process is all done online and no paperwork involved. Create a free membership account to learn more about this fund.

Lastly, Are you ready start building your Online Business? 

If you are ready to start the business or you just want to give it a try to see how it goes, time is now. Choose one of the business below and follow the button to get the set up guide. Once your business is set up, advertise it on search engines and on your social media posts, tweets etc.  Scale your winning advertising strategy and you can easily be on your way to joining other successful online business owners who are making six figure revenue from there businesses

1. Creating and selling High Value Domains

This is perhaps the simplest form of online business. It involves registering a new web address (domain) and then availing the it for sale in the domain market. You can register a domain at a cost of US$ 0.99 then sell the same domain at US$3000 in less than a month or so.  Learn more about this business.

Create And Sell Domain Names

2. Start writing and selling E-Books

Are you a writer or are you aspiring to be one? You can write e-books and sell them in online market places like Amazon to earn money. The goodness of this type of business is that, it results to Long term passive income. For example, you can write a story book of the Hare and the Elephant targeting young children. Such story books will remain relevant several years to come hence will keep selling and earning you revenue long after you stopped writing or long after you retire.

Write and sell E- Books

3. Start a Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is a business which has been around for a while now and is fully done online. In this business. you create and run an e-commerce shop but source products from a third party supplier. A customer will place an order on your e-commerce store then that order is sent automatically your supplier who packs the order and ship it directly to the customer. Learn More.

Drop Shipping Business

4. Start  Affiliate Business

In affiliate marketing, you only refer a customer to a product vendor via a unique link for commission. When the person you referred to the vendor completes a transaction, you earn a commission which may be based as a percentage of product price or one time or lifetime commission for bringing in new customer. To succeed in this business, you only need to send targeted visitors to your vendor’s store or products using your unique affiliate link. Learn more

Affiliate Marketing Business

5. Start A Blogging Business

Blogging business involves writing frequently updated posts on your website and sharing these posts out on search engine, social media etc. The posts are usually on specific hot topics which are also trending hence drawing many free web traffic. This traffic is then monetized by way direct or indirect ads e,g through Google’s adsense ads. Learn More.

Blogging Business

6. Start the business of Exporting and Importing 

Highly lucrative business to run, in this business , you only need to identify the market of a product then source it from a supplier who can supply the product at a low price. The trade involves transit of good across borders or even overseas therefore you need to calculate and take into consideration costs such as cargo shipment, insurance, port or border clearance charges, custom duties and other regulatory requirements of the trade. Learn More.

Export and Import Business

4. Do You have some Products or Services You can offer? Why not offer them online.

It is a common saying that to succeed in business, you need to take your products and services to where your customers are and not your customers to struggle searching for you.  Now your customers are online, they are on social media and they are searching for your products in search engines. For you to access these group of customers and direct them to your products or services, you need to have your products online.Regardless of the size, you can create a small website and list your services there and share that site online via social media and major search engines. Learn More

Sell Your Products and Services Online

7. Fund Your Advertising Campaigns 

After you have set up your business online, you have added all your products and payment channels and you wait for that customer to come and complete the transaction for you to earn. There is one more thing you need to do before that dollar hits your account. it is advertising. this basically is taking your business products to where your target customers are. It costs money to run ads online that is why you will need to have the budget for advertising or you will need a partner who funds your campaigns. If you require funding for your ad campaigns, then look no further, funding is available to our members, learn more

Fund Your Online Business