Are you ready to start an online Business that can earn you Active or Passive income?  Start an Affiliate Marketing Business and do it the right way. 

Affiliate marketing business is one of the most popular ways of making money online especially for anyone who has an internet connectivity but do not own any product or service.  It is a performance based marketing method where you as an affiliate marketer works with a brand and in turn receive a revenue share.

As an affiliate, your key role is to find and direct potential customers to a product site through your special link called affiliate link. When such a customer buys or just sign up for some products, you get credited a revenue share which can be a percentage of the product price, a one time lump-some amount or a lifetime commission.  The amount payable vary per transaction and can be anything from US$1.00  to more than US$2000+ per transaction depending on the product or the brand that you are working with. Mostly, products in financial sectors have high payout compared to other niches.

To start the affiliate business, there are three steps that you need to take before you would earn your first dollar. These are:

  1. Get an Affiliate WebsiteGet free or premium support in building your site. You can also get a  certified freelancer to build you website if you are 
  2. Sign up for an affiliate network – This is where you will get the products that you will add to your affiliate site.
  3. Promote your site- This is a sure way to reach your target audience and make sales.

These three steps may seem simple but it is not as simple as such, otherwise; everyone would have easily done it. The trick is that each step must be carefully and skillfully completed for you to earn reasonable amount of money from this kind of business. Some of the successful affiliates earn  anything between US$200US$1000 per day and that is usually the goal of every beginner; but, the big question is: Are you ready to invest your valuable time and hard earned money to building this kind of business to achieve this kind of goal? If yes, then, you will need an affiliate website.

An affiliate website is a content website with product information that is usually written to assist the reader to make a purchase decision. Such sites include product review sites, product ranking sites, product discount and coupon codes sites etc. Most clients actually do product information research mostly online before deciding on what item to buy. This is where your affiliate site comes in to fill the gap.  For instance, you can create a site that focuses on latest televisions and home electronics. In this case, you can research and write about latest Televisions releases, brands and highlight new features. You can also answer some of the terms that are mostly associated with televisions like 4K TVs, SLIM TVs, curved tvs, plasma LED, LCD tvs, Internet TVs or Just make Television reviews. such sites when done well helps the customer to differentiates different products and hence make a purchase decision. There are over 600 000+ Products available in online market that you can promote on your site.

Realistically, you will spend time to make a good affiliate website that has right content and features, you will also require money to do successful site promotions before you start earning. The good thing is that you can learn how to do all these for free as you make your test site before you upgrade and start investing your money. That way you won’t go wrong. If your answer to above question is yes, then go here and start building your affiliate site. Off course, you can start by building a free site on a free hosted sub-domain as you learn how to make your affiliate website then Upgrade later before you launch your site to customers. It simply goes without saying that you won’t get customer trust if you rely on free hosted sub-domains and content. Therefore, we recommend that you make use of free site building tools for the purpose of learning then upgrade once you are ready to start making sales and earning money.

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You may not be the best web designer but that does not mean that you can’t own or run a successful and professionally designed affiliate website. Just get a freelancer at fever to do it for you at small fee. Before you go finding a freelancer, decide on a website domain address name and register it. It will cost anything below Us$10 . We recommend that you buy a Cloud VPS hosting which is reliable, secure and fast.It is an obvious fact that Cloud VPS servers are far better in terms of speed and are more secure than shared hosting. In terms of up-time, When your site is cloud hosted, it forms mirror sites which are distributed in various servers located in different locations in the world hence when one server fails, the other servers automatically takes over and loads your site. This simply enables your site to handle more site visitors which is important if you are to get more profits. Therefore; consider getting A cloud VPS Hosting or go for Cloud VPS WordPress hosting if you prefrer to use WordPress to manage your site content. Interserver  provides the cloud VPS at the most affordable price of US$6 per month and do not require you to pay upfront for multi year hosting contract. You can pay monthly which is good to allow anyone just testing this business out. Get the interseverver VPS Hosting.

After you have bought your domain name and hosting, you can then find a freelancer to build the affiliate website for you. At Fiverr, you browse for freelancers of all type.  You can choose a pro freelancer  whose services are verified for a more professional work but will  charge you slightly more or you can opt to get services of standard freelancers  who will often charge less usually anything as from US$ 5.  Visit Fiverr then in the search box, enter the term ‘affiliate website‘  (without quotes). You will find guys who can make you an affiliate website and at what price. Choose a price you are comfortable with.

Once you agree to have a guy build your website, you will only pay when the work is complete and you are satisfied. After you have paid for your website and it has been handed over to you. ensure to change things like Login passwords to your own and ensure all the affiliate links in the site are yours. It is the simplest way to start your affiliate business because most of the hard part like site designing, product selection and much more are done for you.  It is just like buying a ready made house. It saves you time and money that you would have spent figuring out all the logistics of buying a plot, finding a constructor, designers, sourcing materials etc. When you buy a house, you get the key and you are ready to occupy the house and start enjoying your new home.

When you buy a ready made affiliate website from the industry leader and affiliate expert especially if you go for Fiver Pro services, you do not just get the affiliate site and be left worrying on what next. You will also get support to ensure you properly customize your site and get started up quickly and that you are fully prepared to start promoting it to start making sales.

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Need some Free training and Networking? Learn from other successful affiliates and simply do what they do. Join the wealthy affiliate free membership.

It is free to create membership and learn one or two more things about how affiliate marketing works. As a members, you will also have a chance to network with other like minded members  which will enable you identify, discus and work on common issues. If you are ready to start making money, then you need to go premium to get a site of your own. The premium membership costs US$ 49 per month but you can take advantage of a first month offer of US$19 to have your site up. You will also get the support and all the you would require to make your first dollar and scale it to more than US$300 + per day. The earning potential of this business is actually unlimited.The main benefits include:wealthy affiliate benefits

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Method Two: Create Your Affiliate Site From Scratch

You can opt to make your own affiliate site from scratch.  Just like somebody building a house, you will need to bring together various components together in a skillful manner to achieve a desirable result.  You can create an affiliate website too, you will need a reliable and secure webhost. we recommend you get a low priced shared hosting or VPS hosting  from Bluehost.  We recommend Bluehost mainly due to its speed. Bluehost is also one of the fastest webhosts around with an average load time of 402 ms and you can take advantage of its low priced introductory offer to buy hosting at a price of US$3.95.

You can create a product review site for various products (about 600K) or you can make a product ranking site e.g “Top Five Best Curved Televisions in 2020.”



Once you have created your website and it is online, you can then join an affiliate network like or where you will find thousands of products to promote. Click Here to create an account to access members’ only tips on how to select highly converting and profitable products to promote on your affiliate website. Add useful info related to the products that would guide your site user to make a decision to buy the product. After your site is ready with affiliate products, you can then start promoting your site.

Step Three: Promoting Your Affiliate site

Whether you bought a ready made affiliate website or you created one from scratch, you need to promote your site before you start earning money from it. Any business without customers is not a business. Perhaps the simplest avenues that you can use to advertise your site for free include: Use of word of mouth to your friends and persons near you who would be interested with the products that you offer, Posting your website link to social media platforms, adding your site to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines and listing your site to any free online product listing sites that are related to the products that you are promoting on your site.

It will however take quite some time before you start getting results if you will fully rely on free advertising channels for instance, it may take more than three months to have the search engine index your site fully, it takes time to create trust with your potential customers and generally, free channels like social media posting have limited reach usually limited to your friends, friends of friends and your followers. this means than unless you have a bigger social media following, you may earn very little.


The easy alternative to this is to use paid advertising either in search engines or social media. you will get almost instant results but can be very expensive if not done right.

To make paid advertising viable, the trick is to advertise highly converting and highly profitable products so that your cost per click becomes less than your earnings per click. This way you will be able to sustain paid advertising for long without problem and you will be keeping profits. It may also take time testing the market performance of different products before you find the best product to promote via paid advertising but this has not to be so, the performance of most products can be estimated by using the earnings per hundred clicks (EPC) Value in your affiliate network. Join Our Members area to learn on how to make use of EPC Values to make Paid advertising Profitable. You can also apply for advertising funding of up to US$ 50,000

If you would like to try this kind of business for a short time just to see if it is fit for you, then we recommend that you get hosting from a web-host that allows monthly payments like Interserver VPS plan. It costs US$ 6.00 Per month and renews monthly at the same price hence no upfront payment of multi year hosting contracts as seen in most shared web hosts. It ideal as it will enable you test whether the business is profitable before get into affiliate marketing business fully.


Affiliate business can be very profitable when done right. Just to ask, what would be holding you back from starting an affiliate marketing business? Start it now. You can opt to buy a ready made affiliate website or create one from scratch. Once your site is up and running, add profitable and highly converting products and promote your site.  Join our members area to learn more and you can also apply for advertising fund to scale your product promotion efforts.




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