Are you an online marketer or would you like to start Online marketing as a side income Source?

Weather you would like to start an online business from scratch or you already have an existing online business but struggling to acquire clients and make sales or generate valuable leads, This information is for you.

For those starting it out, you only need two things, these are A profitable campaign and an irresistible offer page. Start by making an offer page. Common businesses you can start are:  Blogging, Affiliate marketing, Dropshipping, Buying and selling high value domains, Writing & Selling E-Books, Selling Personal Services etc  after you make your offer page, test various campaigns to find the most profitable one then scale it. Create an account to access the step by step details  on how to go from scratch to success. Creating account is free.

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Digital advertising is a multi billion dollar industry. It has grown over time and product sellers spend a lot of money amounting millions of dollars on daily basis just to get their products in front of potential clients.

This has created an opportunity for content Creators and you can earn money by hosting ads from advertisers on your own blog or website.

Read on to learn how you can start, grow and scale your blogging business by following these three steps.

Step one

Create a website or a personal blog then add useful content to it. Your site can be of any subject matter however, sites with in-depth product reviews and 'how to' infomation have proven to do excellently well. You can do your site alone, get a freelancer to do it for you at a small cost or equally, you can buy a ready made site and edit it to suite your needs.

If you are on a small budget, we recommend you build your site with a free CMS like WordPress or Joomla. It is the cheapest way to get started and infact many sites are built on those platforms. You do not need to be a master or a guru of codes to make a nice site with WordPress for instance, you just need to be a good learner and you can do alot more with WordPress all at minimal cost.

Step two:

Monetize your site with high quality ads and banners of fast converting products. You can choose to run the Pay Per Click (PPC) ads or affiliate ads or even both on your site or blog. Just ensure that your site has sufficient content to accommodate more ads. Site pages with  longer content which is more engaging have proven to be very effective. We encourage you to also write or upload longer and more engaging content.


Promote your site on social media sites, search engines and in article directories to get traffic. The more traffic you get to your site, the higher your earnings. Use free or paid advertising to reach out to your target audience. The only thing you will need be successful is to ensure that your cost of advertising is lower than your revenue from product ads that you run on your site. Once you achieve that, you can grow to whichever level you desire. That is the only secret that super bloggers and super affiliates use to make upto six figures income or beyond.

For example, if you can use $10 to advertise your site then in return earn $15 from adverts that are displayed on your site, will you have a problem scalling such a campaign? Since the campaign is profitable, it can be scalled to whichever height.

You will earn money when visitors visit your site and view, click or even buy products from advertisers whose ads appear on your site. As long as your site is online, advertisers' ads are running on your site and visitors are visiting your site, you will keep earning money even while you are sleeping or busy with other things that matter to you.

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Start now and take advantage of our free support and also get a free coupon code of Google and Bing marketing credits worth US$200 just to help you test your market and grow your business faster.

Once your blog is up and running, you can then apply for funding of up to US $50K. To scale your growth.


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How It Works

We make starting and running an online business easy. Find detailed information on how you can set up and start some of the most popular online businesses like e-commerce, drop-shipping, Buying and selling Domains, writing and selling E-books, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging and so on. Just read through then select and set up a business of your choice. At the end of this step, you will have made a product page(s). The second part is growing your business. This is where you will drive your targeted clients to your product page(s). Our members can apply for advertising credit to help them run paid ads on Google Ads, Facebook Ads or in Amazon  depending on your product. The fund is as from US$ 100 up to US$50 000. It is repaid from your online business therefore do not require guarantors or the usual paper works as seen in banking halls. To ensure greater success, A certified marketing expert will look at your product page, and campaign strategy then not only advice you but also work with you in the area of ad creation and management. Lastly, scale your campaigns. This is where you will either duplicate or increase the ad spend on those campaigns that are profitable to earn. This is the surest way of succeeding online. i.e, scaling only on campaigns that work. If you already have an online business but struggling to make sales, then you need to download our free marketing resource e-guide 'Marketing Automation'  Find it here below. It will guide you to a powerful strategy that is used by other established businesses to increase sales while reducing ad spend through simple things like proper customer engagement, email and SMS follow up messages and abandoned cart recovery messages. The best thing about most online businesses is that they require low capital investments. Most of the businesses described here can be started with less than US$100. There earning potential is unlimited. Read More
Choose A Business
With so many online business opportunities all over the web, it can easily turn out to be an uphill task when it comes to choosing the right online business to do. Whether it is determining the right niche, choosing right product or figuring out what service to offer. We assist our you to easily find the business details that will help in making a right decision. The fact is, choosing the right business means higher chances of success and choosing a wrong business means endless struggles and losses.  Learn from seasoned online entrepreneurs and avoid some common mistakes that are repeated over and over by most beginners. Join Our Members Area for free. Create An Account.
Set up and Test Your Business
After doing some research and deciding which business model and niche you would like to venture into; then it is time to actually set up the business. At the most basic, you will need an online product page which may be in form of a website, E-Commerce store, or an online app in app store or play store. Just creating a product page is one step, Next, you will need to test your products by actually taking it to the customers and collecting two vital data from your new test campaigns i.e. The cost per click (CPC) and earnings per click (EPC). A profitable campaign will have a higher EPC and less CPC. This data will help you identify the most profitable campaign that you will take to the next step of scaling.
Scale Your Business
After setting up your business and testing it, it is time to take your business to the next level if it has a positive profit margin i.e, your earnings per click (EPC) is higher than cost per click (CPC) . This is where you will double, tripple 10X or 20X your  SEO and Paid advertisement campaigns to drive your earnings to five or six figures revenue mark.  These efforts can be expensive.  We make it easy for our members to apply for up to US$50,000  advertising credits to grow there online businesses without having to worry about guarantors or paperwork; everything is done online.  Learn More in Members' Area.

Create and Sell Domains

Every month, millions of new sites get published online as businesses scramble for the online space. Personal blogs and websites also get launched  online every other day.  This has created a  high demand for domains making the value of good domains to skyrocket. This creates a business opportunity where you can cheaply buy Good domains from web hosts and other domain registrars usually for under US$10 then resell them at a higher price of over US$ 3,700 at domain auction or domain market place. Learn More

Find and sell high converting products that have bigger profit margin and easily grow your online income. Drop shipping is where you set up an online shop then connect it to a supplier. When the customer visits your site and places an order, you forward that order either manually or automatically to your supplier from the background. The supplier then prepares the item by packaging it using your branded packaging and labeling and ships directly to the customer. the customer then receives the product fully branded by your shops name and the transaction is closed.

Your key role as a drop shipper is to find a supplier with low priced quality products then sell them at local price in your target market keeping profit margin.You can set up the business for under US$100. and have an online shop similar to amazon.

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If you would like to run a profitable online business without having to worry about the stress of handling products or customers issues, affiliate business is for you.

Affiliate marketing has been around for quite a while and if done right can easily create you a six figure income stream. All you do is to sign up for an affiliate partnership with an established vendor and promote the vendors products. The vendor then takes care of tracking and payment processing. You receive your earnings for every qualified referrals. Super affiliates have one secret that makes them super successful and that is: Researching well on products to promote, where to promote them and how to promote them correctly.

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Free ebook download

Even if you have the most wonderful business that has never been seen on earth, without real customers buying your stuffs, you won’t get even a coin. To succeed whether online or offline, you require a strategy to effectively promote your business. Online business have no exception, they require a solid short term and long term promotion strategy.

Download the detailed promotion strategies used by super affiliates and e-commerce owners to acquire and retain thousands of qualified customers cheaply everyday and make thousands of dollars doing just affiliate or drop shipping business. This e-book is worth US$18.99 but we give it free of charge to our members who want to supercharge their profits in their online businesses. In the book, we also point out some seven common mistakes that most starters do that make them to fail or even suffer losses.

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